Dear God, you really are something else

I had a plan to write about a friend that I had lost a few years ago. Alas, the plans had to be changed.

I was talking to my friend Rachel on Monday night via text. It started off as the usual back- and-forth “hey, what’s up?” conversation. Let’s just say that what was up with her was a lot better than I had to offer.

“Ah, not much. Just sitting around trying to figure out a way to raise $1,000 to send Caesar home.”


So, I talked about some more with her, and their plan was genius. Once I heard what was going to happen I automatically thought of Lumination. What a great story this could be if done right.

I chose the angle to focus not on Caesar, but more on the students that organized all of this.

Follow the link to get to the story about what happened Wednesday night. It’s definitely worth a read. Not for the for the way it is written, but because of what this very small group of people accomplished in a short period of time.

God is moving on this campus, and this shows better than anything that I can think of to write.

Ready the story, comment here, or there about what these few students did with a lot of God’s help.


About Hunter Patterson

I am a young professional in the news industry trying to make it in this world. I work weird hours and surround myself with people I truly care about. I have a super cool cat and make really good grilled cheeses.
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5 Responses to Dear God, you really are something else

  1. It is great to see God growing on campus. I hope you and everyone continue to see Him grow throughout the year!

  2. caitlinselle says:

    Hunter nice work.. I liked how you incorporated Lumination into your blog post. Being there last night and watching Caesar receive that check was truly a blessing.

  3. Julia Shrewsbury says:

    I wish I could have gone! Ughh homework : ( Well, I can’t wait to read your story, and I think the things God does on this campus and in my life especially since i’ve been here is truly amazing.

  4. stasiagirl says:

    Nice work! I don’t know who Caesar is, but he looks like one happy guy to be given such a huge gift. That is amazing. It is hard work to raise money, and obviously the students were successful.

  5. clairesellers says:

    Great post! I wish I could have gone too but just like Julia.. homework.. ugh.. well it’s amazing to see God’s miracles on a daily basis. =)

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